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Our aim is to treat diseases both as effectively and as gently as possible and prevent diseases from developing through the practice of preventive medicine.

We are a specialist hospital for internal medicine and acute oncological care that provides treatment for people with cancer.

The diagnostic and therapeutic options available at St. George Hospital are based on decades of experience, to the benefit of our patients.

We are here to care for and support our patients through all stages of their disease. Our dedicated doctors and our medical staff work hand in hand under one roof, allowing them to cover a broad spectrum of oncological and general medical diagnosis and therapeutic treatments.

Our aim is to provide you as a patient and a person with the treatment that is the best option for you, the prospect of improvement and a possible cure, and the highest possible quality of life. Our hospital is a place of warmth with an atmosphere of trust. We see each patient as a human being, holistically, as an individual – which is why all of our therapy programs treat the body, mind and soul.

Oncological treatments are becoming ever more complex and sophisticated. This increases the chances of halting metastasis or overcoming cancer, even in advanced stages of disease. However, the patients’ quality of life often suffers.

At the St. George Hospital, we have achieved good results for many years with complementary and adjuvant therapies, increasing the effects of conventional cancer therapy while decreasing side effects. This means that our integrative cancer therapy program results not only in a higher response rate, but also in a significantly improved prognosis and a considerable increase in quality of life.

Keeping side effects to a minimal level and reducing any toxic damage are a key focus in our cancer treatments. This tailored Lyme treatment of each patient requires interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary collaboration between oncology specialists.

Our top priority at the St. George Hospital is providing the best possible oncological care for our patients. Both the hospital management and the entire team of employees are aware of this responsibility and work together with warmth and compassion. Since its inception, the focus at our hospital has always been on each patient as a human being with a life-threatening disease, which is managed holistically by a highly qualified interdisciplinary team.

For private patients and patients with health insurance
We are registered as an acute hospital providing care for cancer patients in the German federal state of Bavaria and are thus a partner for all German health insurance companies. Our inpatient area is open to all patients when indicated, following admission by the attending physician.

Treatment costs are covered by all German statutory health insurance providers, private health insurance companies and other institutions providing health care allowances.

We look forward to showing you around our hospital and hope you enjoy your tour of our facilities.

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